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What do we mean by "Plant-Based Diet" anyway?

Incorporating an all Plant-based diet can be one of the critical steps you can make to increase energy levels, decrease inflammation, offer prevention for diseases, and last (but not least) have a significant positive impact on our environment!

While plant-based diets are not a cure, scientific studies show the choices we make with our food is a powerful tool we can utilize to achieve optimal health, help improve the environment, and build your immune system/decrease sickness.

So what are the differences between all the various lifestyles?

Below is just a general guideline comparing Plant-Based, Vegan, and even Vegetarian diets. While Plant-Based is typically defined as being solely diet-focused and about eating plant-based foods (which means foods do not include meat, dairy or even honey) there are various degrees of Plant-Based diet to many people. Some people just want to transition to Plant-Based eating most of the time, but some might still lean on a more Vegetarian diet (various degrees) or possibly eat meat in limited amounts. Whole-Food Plant Based diets focus on completely unrefined (not processed), whole and uses minimally refined ingredients when cooking/baking. 

Veganism extends beyond the actual diet and encompasses an entire lifestyle.The Vegan Society’s formal definition is: "Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.

Wherever you are on your journey, please do NOT let the labels define you, or shame you. We all are starting somewhere, and your effort to help positively impact our environment and take control of your health to whatever degree should be celebrated!
Differences between a plant-based diet vegan lifestyle and vegetarian diet