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Lupin - The Magical SUPERFOOD on the Rise


So you've never heard of Lupin (or Lupine/Lupini) yet? You will be hearing about it soon as it's predicted to be the next SUPERSTAR plant-based protein in the U.S! (That's right - move over pea protein and quinoa!)

Often primarily grown in the Mediterranean region, South American countries and in parts of Australia, Lupin was actually found to have been a huge part of Ancient Egyptian and Roman diet. In fact, the little "beans" were often given to Roman soldiers due to the nutrient dense profile and high protein. They were the perfect fuel to keep soldiers strong and healthy!

Naturally gluten free, lupin starts as a beautiful flower very similar to our Texas flower (the bluebonnet).  Lupin is considered part of the legume family: chickpeas lentils, black beans ,etc. However, unlike other legumes, lupin is lower in calorie and carbohydrates making it perfect for those that are looking for lower glycemic carbs and macro-friendly alternatives on a plant-based journey. 

Even more, each of our products only use sweet lupin (grown organically in Australia), which don't make them bitter like other countries' species. Sweet Lupin has a wonderful neutral flavor, is low fat and and extremely nutrient dense! Just check out the the stats below. 

Lupin boasts (per 100 g)

All About Lupin Beans

💚 3X MORE Protein than quinoa

💚 3X MORE Fiber than sources like oats

💚 3X MORE Iron than vegetables like kale

💚 3X MORE Calcium than vegetables like broccoli

💚 2X MORE Magnesium than spinach

💚 3X MORE Potassium than bananas

 💚 2X MORE Antioxidants than berries

We cannot WAIT for you to taste for yourself and experience all the benefits in this little "bean" and be loopy for Lupin just like we are!




Lupin Gluten Free Products